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  • Home office organization St. Simons Island
    Fresh, Creative Organizing

    For your Home & Office

Custom solutions for a brighter, calmer space.

Krisp Solutions provides professional organizing services such as decluttering of rooms or closets, assisting in moves, determining inventory for moves or insurance, and digital and photo organization services…. all for your home or office.  They specialize in developing new processes with and for you to help you STAY organized!

Krisp Solutions serves primarily coastal Georgia and the southernmost tip of South Carolina. This includes clients from the Golden Isles of Sea Island, Saint Simons Island and Jekyll Island…all the way up to Savannah , and the communities around Bluffton and Hilton Head Island.

Virtual organizing and consulting available locally and nationally upon request.


Clear out the Clutter

Decisions to be made: should you keep an item, give it to someone else, or totally let go of it (toss, donate, or sell)? Krisp Solutions will help you make those decisions so that you can take back control…from all that clutter! 

Free Up Time

How long on average do you spend looking for something like your car keys?  Let Krisp Solutions help you get you organized…AND also help you to build new processes that will KEEP you organized!

Feel Relaxed

Does your house please you? or stress you? Organization can be physically and mentally challenging…. but the end results can be cathartic and a relief!  Let us help you find the karma in your home.

Positive and creative solutions for a freshly, organized space.

Whether it’s making your pantry pretty (and Instagram-worthy), organizing all the photos on your iPhone, or making a relocation move from a large home to a much smaller one, Krisp Solutions makes sure everything is in place for you to have a smooth, stress-free transition.

We can assist you with any or all of the steps along the way. From the initial assessment of your space to understanding your needs and expectations to discovering your final “decluttered” solution, we will offer support and help to put in place action plans customized to achieve your goals.

Everything is done in a positive, compassionate, judgment-free environment.  From BIG to small, we have solutions for all!

Client Testimonials

“Kris is an incredibly hard worker with ingenious ideas.  I never would have gotten through my attic, laundry room or office without her help.  She was able to organize my attic while keeping everything in it.  It was brilliant.  We shuffled, unpacked and unpacked and shuffled. It was like a dance of holidays swirling around until they landed in their appointed sections.  My attic is so organized, it has been a pleasure to pull out holiday decorations and put them away as the year unfolds.”

Reclaimed holiday Spirit

“Each system was designed with my input.  Kris allowed me to express what I thought would work and gave me suggestions and alternative ideas.  She was very supportive and unjudgmental when it came to this process. When we talked for a while, the systems evolved into something that my family could maintain.  I purchased many of the organization items with her after she had a chance to work with me so that we got the right things to complete the process.”

Supermom of 4 Teenagers


Do you need help getting the garage sorted out so that you can actually park your car in it?  Have you lost track of all the clothes in your closet?  Do you need someone to help you sort through things that hold memories of loved ones? 

Krisp will work with you to set the goals you want and the vision that you have been dreaming of accomplishing.  Then… we will help you to get it done!