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Move Management

Moving Management & Assistance

Move planning and floor layout, asset sorting and disposition, unpack assistance.

The physical and emotional demands of moving into a new home can be challenging. And if you are rightsizing/downsizing at the same time, it can become overwhelming! We can help you plan it… and then implement the plan in steps. Do not wait to get ready!

Our recommendations to get started:

Step 1: Even if you are just thinking of moving but don’t know when is the time….do this step right away to help you start your planning: have Krisp do a complete household inventory. This will include pictures of your assets and if available, records of the original prices paid.

Step 2: Once you have an inventory then Krisp can help you build a plan on what to move. We can help you sort the inventory list into:

  • KEEP (these are the things you really must take it with you!)
  • SHARE (many things you may want to give away to your children or your children’s children)
  • LET GO OF IT (donate/sell it to someone else…we can help you find someone who can love it as much as you did!) or maybe it is okay to toss!

We help you with those decisions.

Step 3: With these steps done, it will be easier and faster to make the decision about your next home. Now once you find your NEW place… you are already prepared to move! For the actual move, Krisp can help you do a design layout to show you where your things will fit it in the new location. Krisp can help you work with your movers…and once moved, Krisp can help you unpack and optimize your new space!

Moving vs “Aging in Place”

Krisp specializes in senior move management and transition planning for older adults and their families.

However, in some instances, adapting the current home by installing assistive technologies may be more cost-effective than moving.

“Aging in place” is when a senior wants to remain independent in their own home as long as possible. 
If this is the case, Krisp Solutions can assist with a functional/safety assessment to determine if the home will require modifications that will ensure safety and mobility through future years.
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Move Management
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Move Management