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digital solutions for seniors

Digital Organization

Cord clean up, password management, file management.

Do you have cords, modems, leftover electronics that are making a mess of your office? Do you need to organize your computer workspace or your smartphone better? Are your electronic files easy to access?  Bring on the computer or smartphone questions and we will help you get more digitally organized. (Note: if needed computer services are hardware related you may need work through your maintenance plan).
A paperless office is a wonderful idea… but what if the technology makes your information invisible and inaccessible to your heirs? Password management is a key part of digital organization and is the basis of a growing need –  digital planning.   If something happened to you or a loved one…could someone continue paying the bills? access the bank or credit card accounts? Does someone have a way to access and if needed to deactivate all of your digital assets (websites, blogs, art, music, writing, etc.) and your digital information (email, social media, banking)?   Krisp can help you prepare a digital estate plan that handles your future needs of your digital life. 

“Whether living independently or with others, many of us don’t think about who would take over (and how!) if we were suddenly unable to handle our day-to-day life due to a medical crisis or catastrophe. Perhaps because of that, 1 in 3 caregivers say a top caregiving challenge is locating passwords and accounts, and 49 percent don’t have legal authorization to ask providers (such as banks, credit card companies, email services) to disclose any details or give them access to known accounts.  A thorough digital plan can prevent headaches and unnecessary expenses for our future caregivers.” AARP 

digital passwords and phone security
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