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A look at our work.

attic before and after organization


“Kris was able to organize my attic while keeping everything in it.  It was brilliant.  We shuffled, unpacked and unpacked and shuffled. It was like a dance of holidays swirling around until they landed in their appointed sections.  My attic is so organized, it has been a pleasure to pull out holiday decorations and put them away as the year unfolds. “

Holiday Dancer

Laundry Room Before and After

Laundry Room

“Of all the work that Krisp Solutions did for us, a close tie for first place the organization and solutions for my laundry room.   It was also pure genius.  Each person has a day to do laundry, and rules about what happens should their stuff be left there not on their day.  It is all written and posted for all to read and to follow.  The mere organizing was not enough to keep the laundry room from becoming cluttered again.  We needed a system as well.  Then we needed posted rules and of course a little decorating to top it off.”

Laundry Room Queen

Kitchen Before and After


“After talking to Kris, I realized that I was feeling the most stress about many shared areas in my house.  In these common areas I was constantly cleaning, only to have them become messy and cluttered again. We decided to tackle the kitchen first in the house. The kitchen was a matter of organizing like items with like items and getting rid of things.  Kris was fast at organizing and had great suggestions of where things should be to kept.  She helped me prioritize items and store them near the areas they are used.  We used a label maker to keep things together and to even date spices so it is easy to see when they need to be thrown out.  It was immediately a huge change and such an improvement.  I felt liberated and relieved to have things organized and not so cluttered.”

Mom who Got her Kitchen Back

Home Office Before and After

Home Office

“As far as my office re-organizing and cleaning, I never could have done it without knowing that I could trust Kris the way that I did. To go through personal items, pictures, letters, mail, books and children’s memorabilia was a process I had attempted several times but had failed.  There was a lot of stuff, and it was too easy to get overwhelmed or distracted.  Having her moral support and quick solutions kept the process going so that we finished.  We organized drawers and shelves and then divided the remaining items into small boxes that could be unloaded and sorted one at a time.  It was efficient and a very personal process.”

Home Office Helper

Garage Before and After


“I was unable to get to anything in the garage without moving other things out of the way. Krisp helped organize the garage space and now everything is within reach and easily accessible. It helps that everything is labeled as well to make it even easier to find things. Thanks Krisp Solutions for a job well done!”

Self Professed Label Lover

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up.”

A. A. Milne

Ready to Get Organized?