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Kris Duderstadt at her desk organizing papers

Paper Management

Creating file systems, mail management, retention needs.

One of the reasons that managing piles of paper is such a difficult task to undertake is that EVERY piece of paper requires a decision.  Do I keep this catalog or throw it away? How long do I need to keep these stubs?  What do I do with these old receipts? And of course…. if I throw it away, what if I need it someday? Let Krisp help you sort through it all and create a filing system that works for you.  That might mean adding color coded and labeled file folders… or it might mean digitizing it.  We work with you to come up with a system that works for you!

The year 2020 redefined what constitutes a “workspace”.  During quarantine, many found themselves repurposing the dining room… or jamming work papers and files into an already full home office.  I personally have worked (for a major corporation) from my home for over 15 years. I know Zoom, Skype, and almost every webinar app out there.  I know it takes getting used to… but with some home modification, it can work.  Most importantly it can allow for a different home-work balance. At some point, many may be able to return to work at a physical office building.  However, for others this may have become the new normal.  Do you need help setting up an organized office space in your home? Do you want to be able to focus on your work… instead of where you are working?  Let Krisp assess your space and your evolving needs.  

“Clutter is no more than postponed decisions” Barbara Hemphill (organization guru)

Mom and son work from home digital work no papers
Home office file drawer organized
Paper management and organized files
paper organized in home office desk
Office desk without paper clutter