Introduction to my Blog

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kris and I am the founder and lead organizer for Krisp Solutions. I often get asked by my clients “Is this the WORST room (kitchen, garage, attic…. you fill in!) that you have EVER seen?”

A is for ATTIC…

It’s almost summer and if you have not cleaned out your attic this year…you may be running out of time before it becomes too hot to go up there to do it! No matter what climate you live in, you are very fortunate if you have an attic in which to stash things!

B is for BOOKS…

I must admit that I have gone to reading most of my fun books (mysteries, urban fantasy) on my Kindle. That said I think it makes me prize my hardcover books even more. Maybe it is “old school” but I still love to peruse book covers on a stroll through Barnes and Noble.

C is for CLOSETS…

I have found that things that you do not wear and may NEVER wear are the biggest source of clutter in a closet! And it is possible that you are holding on to some items with the hope that one day you will fit into them again!!!

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