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Garage, kitchen, pantry, spice rack, closets, attics, workspaces, holiday decor & more.

Moving Assistance

Move planning and floor layout, asset sorting and disposition, unpack assistance.

Inventory Management

For insurance, moving prep, or emergency planning. Full house contents (as needed).

Digital Organization

Cord clean up, password management, file management.

Photo Organization

Digitizing photos, creating online or physical albums, backing up photo libraries, iPhone or Android assistance.

Paper Management

Creating file systems, mail management, retention needs.

Krisp Specializes in Senior Move Management

If you or a family member is transitioning to an independent or assisted living community, we can help with the move.
Deciding what to take will require space planning.  We can help by measuring and laying out your furniture options, determining the best utilization of closets and cupboards, and helping you in the coordination of movers, packing and unpacking.  
Seniors in wheelchairs at assisted living facility