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Meet your professional organizers!

Kris Duderstadt Professional Organizer

Kris Duderstadt

Founder & President

Kris has first hand experience in helping seniors as they adjust to changing lifestyle priorities. She assisted in “rightsizing”  her own parents living quarters from a 6 bedroom house on Sea Island… to a 3 Bedroom Independent Living unit at Marsh’s Edge…. to a 1 Bedroom Assisted Living unit at Thrive.

Kris has 30 years of corporate management experience at IBM that has helped her excel in organizational and productivity skills.  Her strong problem solving skills enable her to work successfully with any kind of change,  setup and re-engineering of home and office processes and development of productivity and efficiency systems.

Tom Duderstadt Professional Organizer

Tom Duderstadt

Founder, Vice -President, and Digital Organizer

Tom has 30 years of experience working with both small and large businesses helping them develop easy to use computer systems. His expertise is in design, implementation and maintenance of data networks. He also has experience in the maintenance of PCs and Macs in the backup of critical data as well as the organization of data on them.

Tom is most famous on Saint Simons Island as being the “chauffer” of a Mini Cooper convertible carrying around two very spoiled and loved English Goldens – Blanche and Stella. When they go out to dinner, you can check them out their own Facebook page

And you can look forward to comments from the girls included in Krisp’s Facebook pages too!