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Kris Duderstadt standing in front of organized china cabinet

Decluttering & Organizing

Garage, kitchen, pantry, spice rack, closets, attics, workspaces, holiday decor & more.

Decluttering does not mean you have to throw away things!  It does mean however that you need to sort it and organize it.  If this is a spice rack, shoe closet or a garage, our process is the same.  Sort it “like to like”- sneakers go with sneakers, boots go with boots.  Bring it all out, sort it and then decide how it goes back.  As part of our assessment, Krisp may recommend baskets or bins…. you may have those already or you may need to purchase. Labeling is also a nice addition and ensures that items go back to their designated place.

Getting organized may be key for seniors who wish to “age in place” ie. remain independant in their homes as long as possible.  Decluttering can accomplish two things. One – we can help you to dispose of unneeded furniture or possessions to allow safer mobility around the home. And two – with items placed in clearly marked bins or locations, it will be easier to access and find your items… and  continue with your daily routines.  Krisp Solutions can also assist with a functional/safety assessment to determine if your home will require modifications to ensure your safety and mobility… now and through future years.


“The command center helped me be organized the most.  The command center allowed for mail and personal items to come into our house, be sorted by person, posted or entered on our common calendar or to be immediately tossed.  Beyond mail, there are places for coats, keys, homework, backpacks, sunglasses, shoes and even a laundry basket not so far away for anything “accidentally” left where it should not be. Things do not pile up on my kitchen counters and the mail gets sorted right away.  I also have a bulletin board and chalkboard to put reminders on for the family and inspirational thoughts.”


Command Center Queen
Garage Organizing After
Drawer Organizing After
cleaning supplies closet organized
organized china cabinet
Organized Pantry