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Month: August 2020

Unorganized Closet

C is for CLOSETS…

My Favorite #KrispTip for Closets: 

Once a closet is sorted and organized…the perfect touch is to add new hangers THAT MATCH! Such a little thing…but it makes a huge difference in both appearance and practicality.  Messy and unmatched hangers that have torn paper, bent and twisted necks, and all different materials-plastic, wood or metal…. just leave the closet looking ragged!  I would buy something to match your budget.  Joy Mangano used to sell on Amazon nice ones (huggable hangers) in a zillion colors but… they are nearly impossible to get now unless you shop HSN.  However, Amazon is my go-to place and they have several very similar other brands that will do.  Find a price, color and look that appeals to you. You will need a mix of suit and shirt hangers. I think women in particular love the velvety ones.  Items won’t slide off and this is important to avoid the “bump” you can get on stretchy material from the hanger ends.  It also creates a very uniform look of everything hanging at the same level.

Closets DIY Process:

So… before you start to organize your closet I think you need to make some realistic decisions of how you will sort.  

I recommend keeping a large bin that can fit on your top shelf. In that bin will go any items that you just can’t let go!   Make a decision NOW that if you do not touch them for a year (or two) …they can be donated. But give yourself the time you need to realize that you can let go.  If it is a size issue…. I recommend being realistic and keeping only up to two sizes smaller.  One size smaller can stay down below if you think you are close and want the inspiration. Or both sizes can go up in the bin.  Memorable items like a T-shirt from a favorite concert…. or a bridesmaid dress…are treated the same. If you have not worn it…. you can decide now to let go…or put it in the bin.  Remember this bin is not bottomless. You will have to be practical!

This is the hardest part of the closet organization, but once the ground rules are laid…it gets much easier. 

To organize your closet, it’s my same organization process:

 Step #1: The Sort

For the sort….it helps to move things out of the closet.  I would suggest that you make piles on your bed.   Important note: do not stop to try anything on now! You will never get through the process! Your first piles should be easy and not require too much thought.

  • “Toss” is going to be stained, torn and ragged items.
  • “Good stuff can stay in the closet if you want but you need a pile called “Maybe” (i.e need to make sure it fits)”
  • “Share” is when you know someone (like a sibling or child) that will want things from you…that gets sorted into a pile.
  • “Donate” means that you know you will never wear it, but it is in good shape and can be recycled to someone else.

Step#2: Decision Time – Going through the “Maybe” pile

Hopefully you are building momentum now and I would suggest that you do NOT let the next part slow you down.  Here you are likely going to want to try things on and make decisions.  Keep it simple!

  • “Doesn’t fit now…but still want to keep” is hopefully a small pile (remember no more than 2 sizes variance). These items are for the bin.
  • “It fits and you are keeping” …yeah! can go back into the closet immediately.

Then once you have sorted the “Maybe” pile, what remains either doesn’t fit…. or is not you anymore (be realistic!!!) ….and these items should be added to the “Donate” pile. 

Step #3: Store

Hopefully you have now opened up some space in your closet. In order to put the remaining items back into it I would get it organized first, then it is easy to add more in.    Using your matching hangers, put items like-with-like.  Shirts together…and all facing the same way for easy access.  Jackets together and all facing the same way.   This goes fast now that the sorting is done, and the results are instantaneous.  Other groupings might be longer dresses, formal wear, office clothes, winter vs summer, dresses for certain occasions.  Men might have groupings like dress shirts, work shirts, long sleeved vs short sleeved, Hawaiian, winter vs summer.  All are sorted on matching hangers…like-with-like…and facing the same way.  Buttoning shirts makes them more orderly but if you have non-slip hangars it may not be necessary.  

Two more things you may want to keep in mind as you organize.  Length and color.  Since many closets are split top and bottom…you will need to know what fits best where.  For women, I always keep the longer skirts and dresses for a tall spot.  Color is not essential to group together but can be pleasing…maybe more advanced organizing ;-).  An example would be putting all your white (yellow, blue, black, etc.) blouses together.  For men it may be all khaki (brown, black, denim) pants.  It is very helpful for functional purposes and makes it easy for access. But it also gives a neater look to your closet.

Since shoes are a totally different organization process…. I will do a separate blog later with lots of fun ideas.  However, for this closet sort I would go with almost the same rules.  If they fit and you wear them, keep them. If they fit but you never wear them, they can go in your stash bin.  Shoes are easier to sort because if they don’t fit now, or they are uncomfortable …. then it is unlikely they will ever be wearable.  Donate… or if in poor condition…just toss.  I recommend that shoes be located on lower shelves or shoe racks.  You may want to reserve your higher shelves for bins and/or sweaters. 

Belts, ties, purses, and hats may also be occupying your closet space.   Grouping them in bins is very nice but they may not get used if out of sight.  Showing them off can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.  Belts and ties can go on special hangers that don’t take up space.  I always put purses up high and arranged nicely. (Note: designer bags can have a good resale value.  If you are keeping a purse just “because”, you might want to consider consignment.)

If you are lucky to have a decent sized closet, you may have room to give the closet some color and style.  Hat boxes covered with fabric and ribbon are a lovely addition! (Just make sure you add a nice label or you will never know what is in there.) Matching baskets can add some color and fun. Michaels and Target always have a good selection. I have even used wire ones which allow you to see inside.  Nice brightly colored laundry baskets can also work and are budget friendly. 

Step #4: Label Time

I would recommend labeling closet shelves only in specific situations as it can affect the aesthetics of the shelves.  Labeling bins though would be the great and since they are likely not opened often…the labels will remind you what is in them.

RECAP of KrispTips:

  • Limit yourself to a large bin(s) (for your top shelf) for things that you don’t want to part with but are currently not wearing (due to size or style).  Promise yourself that you will address these items at a later time!
  • Complete the sort before you try things on! Keep your momentum going!
  • Donate what doesn’t fit or work for you in your current world.  Rather than just stashed in your closet…. there are people out there that will very much appreciate and wear your “gently used” clothing!
  • Use your shelves for sweaters or purse displays.  The very top shelf can be labeled bins.
  • To make the closet neat and organized, use matching hangers and turn all items the same direction for easy access.

Getting Help with Closets

If it seems too overwhelming to organize your own closet…. please reach out to us.  If you have some questions, I am happy to help you get your DIY kicked off….at no charge!  And if you still need more help, we can discuss if a Krisp Solutions project would work for you.  Another option is that during Covid 19 restrictions we can do virtual consulting over Zoom or Facetime.  Contact us and let’s see what help or inspiration you need!

Hugs, Kris