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Organizing is a journey

Introduction to my Blog

Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Kris and I am the founder and lead organizer for Krisp Solutions.  

I often get asked by my clients “Is this the WORST room (kitchen, garage, attic…. you fill in!) that you have EVER seen?” My answer is always the same resounding…”NO!” Everyone has clutter. And everyone’s house has different clutter.  There is no perfectly organized house. And there is not just one way to be organized.  Organization is really all about processes.  Processes that entail making decisions about what to do with your possessions (do I keep? toss?, donate?, store away?) ….and THAT decision will be different for everyone. My job as an organizer is to help people make those decisions…and move forward!

My thought is that “Organization” is not a destination….it is a journey!  As an experienced organizer both personally and professionally…. I would like to share with you in these blogs how to make this journey. I will provide practical tips for you to use to get organized.  Of course, you can always me hire to do it.😄 …but I do hope that you can learn from my tips…and then you can maybe find a way to do it yourself! I hope that I can inspire you to give it a try!

 If you have some specific problem areas that you would like to me to discuss…. please let me know.  

 For now, I am going to start at the beginning of the alphabet with A. 

A is for Attic….and I’ll bet yours needs some organizing! 

 See you each month as we take an organizing journey…

Hugs- Kris